Savings & Retirement Planning

Savings and Retirement Planning are key strategies in helping our clients to achieve both their short term goals such as a house down payment, or thinking more long term such as retirement.

Retirement Planning gives you the tools to plan ahead and to understand the various investment options and vehicles available.

Income & Asset Protection

Insurance coverage can protect your assets, or what you own, in case of death, injury, illness, or other unexpected occurrences that may arise in your lifetime. Having the right balance in insurance is crucial to an effective financial plan.

Group Benefits & Health Insurance

We specialize in group benefits for small to medium businesses. Group Benefits provide a cost-effective way to protect employees, attract and retain key employees and can become an important part of your company’s long-term business plan.

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Behaviourial Cash Flow Planning

"Where will it take you?" 


Covenant Wealth Financial Services is a holistic financial planning services firm. We work with our clients to build sustainable wealth over time. We believe that our clients’ financial journey should begin with Behavioural Cash Flow Planning. We help clients to harness their cash flow so they can get more life from their money to live the life they want.




As an organization, we believe the key to financial success is financial literacy. Empowered clients make better financial decisions and are better stewards of their financial resources, both now and in the future.

The three pillars of our business success are;

Trust- Integrity- Professionalism 



To enrich the lives of our clients and build community through financial literacy.

Behavioural Cash Flow Planning

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