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Does It Make Sense To Buy Term and Whole Life Insurance


My answer to Does it make sense to buy term and whole life insurance? Answer by Joy A. Adams: I hope I am interpreting the question correctly – you are asking if it is better to get term AND permanent insurance? Not – term OR permanent insurance? If you are implying the first option, then [...]

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What is Behavioural Cash Flow Planning?


Change is hard because it goes again our nature tendencies.  It requires discipline and a shift in our thinking. It often requires us to move out of our comfortable zone ….and most people will find themselves hitting a wall. Over the last year, we had to go through a change.  We recently introduced Behavioural Cash Flow Planning into our processes.  [...]

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How Much Do You Need To Save For Retirement?


Article is by Robb Engen | Jul 16, 2017 | Retirement:  Boomer&Echo Financial Freedom at Any Age In your 20’s and 30’s, retirement is so far away that you can barely see it on the horizon. The best way to get there is to save what you can afford – say 10 percent of your income [...]

How Much Do You Need To Save For Retirement?2018-03-31T14:28:02-04:00

3 Things You Need To Know About Life Insurance


Life insurance should really take center stage when it comes to financial planning. Yes, we need cash flow planning, a will, and an emergency fund. These are all important pieces of the financial puzzle. But life insurance does something that no other planning tool or investment vehicle does – it buys us time. It puts [...]

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