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If you have young children, a mortgage, or high debt load you need insurance to create a safety net. It will protect your loved ones in the event of death, disability or diagnosed with life threatening illness such as cancer.

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Wealth Management

You build wealth over time by integrating the right financial strategies, tools and products that fosters your desired financial goals.

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Cash Flow Planning

We believe that our clients’ financial journey should begin with a Behavioural Cash Flow Plan, which will create the roadmap to harness financial freedom.

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“Talking about finances can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing, especially when you live from paycheck to paycheck and spend most of the month with your bank account in the red. After years of being crushed by debt that seemed to be going nowhere, I finally decided to speak to Joy at Covenant Wealth Financial Services. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I laid all my cards on the table and it was amazing to see how she navigated my treacherous credit card debt to help me come up with a game plan. Not only did Joy suggest different ways to get out from under my debt, we came up with a cash flow plan that showed me how I spent my money, and allowed me to come up with a realistic plan to take care of my responsibilities but also be able to save towards things that matters most, like travelling with my family and securing a future for my son. Six months later, I am sleeping again because I’m not laying awake worrying about my finances, and, my credit has improved drastically.”
E. Joseph

“We started working with Joy after our previous financial advisor abandoned us. Over the years, she helped my family to protect our assets with life and critical illness insurance. We appreciate the time she takes to education us on the various financial options available to us.”
M. Doran, Brampton, ON

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