Registered Education Savings Plan

Your child’s future is important, and you know that education is part of that. Preparing financially for your child’s education after high school can require some planning and the right tools. A Registered Education Savings Plan is a special type of account that can help. Read on to learn more about opening an RESP and why it may be the right choice for your family.

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How it Works

When you open an RESP account with a provider, known as the promoter, you will name one or more beneficiaries under the plan. Following this, you make regular contributions to the plan. Additionally, the government will pay applicable grants into account such as the Canada Education Savings Grant.

The promoter pays interest on the account to the beneficiaries in the form of educational assistance payments. The beneficiaries can take out money to help pay for post-secondary education.


The Benefits of Opening a Registered Education Saving Plan

This type of account offers some helpful tax and other benefits. These are a few of the reasons you may want to open an RESP:


  • Tax-Free Savings: While your savings are in the RESP, they are not taxed. Additionally, the beneficiary does not have to pay tax on the contributions withdrawn. However, he or she does pay taxes on educational assistance payments.
  • Government Grants: If eligible, the Canada Education Savings Grant will add an additional 20% of your contributions to the account, up to $2,500. Low-income families may also qualify for the Canada Learning Bond which can contribute up to another $2,000.
  • Investment Control: With an RESP, you have full control over the investment strategy that fits your goals. Options include guaranteed interest certificates, segregated and mutual funds.
  • Other Contributors: Friends or family members can also contribute to the RESP. This is a great way to help savings grow faster.
  • Tax Savings on Interest: Although the interest, paid as EAPs, is taxable, it will be paid by your child at the time the EAPs are made. This is advantageous because your child is likely to have a lower tax burden than if you were liable.
  • 36 Years of Benefits: Contributions can be made to the plan up to the year of the 31st anniversary of the account. Your child can continue to benefit from the account up to the year of the 35th Even if your child takes a break from studies, he or she can still use the money upon returning.


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