Author:  Joy A. Adams

“Canadian women are creating startups at the highest rate among women in the G20 countries” according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Canada Report on Women’s Entrepreneurship.

This should not be a surprise to anyone who is a networker.  Many of the events that I have been to over the last year have had very high female attendees.  Many of these amazing women are running successful companies that are scaling up much faster than Boomer entrepreneurs.

Here are some strategies that I have observed among these boss ladies that can very well attribute to their success.


Strategy #1: They Got Help Early

They were not afraid to ask for help and they asked for it very early in the game.  Some where already working with accountants, business coaches and financial advisors.  They made sure they were not forgetting any important detail. With expert advise they were able to get their business off to a good start.

Strategy #2: They Had Scalable Businesses

They had businesses that had the capability of scaling up fast.  They also hired the right staff and adapted processes to support their growth.

Strategy #3: They Had Access to Resources

Having access to funding, mentors, marketing and other startup resources played a key role for a number of these boss ladies.  Many of them also were members of startup communities of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Capable of Changing The World

If you are a female entrepreneur reading this post, I believe there are tremendous opportunities to implement innovative ideas, disrupt traditional industries, build successful enterprises and make the world a better place to live.

Seeking advice early can help you incorporate best practices that provide a strong foundation for your company. Hiring the best makes it possible to realize your goals with a team that shares your vision.

Also making sure that you have the appropriate legal and insurance protection in place are also important.

If you’re considering or in the early stages of entrepreneurship, speak with an advisor who can work with you to realize your big dreams.

With these considerations, go build your empire …

Let me hear your thoughts – Do you believe that female entrepreneurs are making an impact?